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Domain Associates have spent many years in a professional environment undertaking corporate recovery, launching an e-commerce start-up, and working at governance level with a number of other clients. This has finely tuned our senses to the key success factors for start-ups, and we have developed strategies to manage these. With Domain Associates, your new business will have the best chance of success.

Strategic planning
It’s one thing to have a bright idea, another to make it commercially viable, and yet another to achieve success with it. The answer is a methodical strategy. Once the product or service idea is conceived, and there is proof of its appeal in the market, there must be a pathway towards commercializing the idea into wealth. Our strategic plan takes you through each step, carefully implemented in a manageable and sustainable way, to ensure your business maintains balance.

You will want to pay close attention to the financial aspects of your new business. Domain Associates can
help with strategic financial analysis to plot the optimum sustainable growth rate, and ensure you have enoughcapital along the way. You’ll see your new venture gain in strength and value.


We have considerable experience in conducting business and share valuations and can assist you with:

  • innovation feasibility modelling
  • debt and equity raising;
  • group restructures;
  • dispute resolution.

Produced in accordance with proven Start-up valuation methodologies and professional standards our
valuation models should be an essential ingredient in your transition decision making. Our experience applies to both Tech and non-Tech Start-ups.

Business Model Innovation

New models are destroying old ways of doing business as entrepreneurs look internally for improvements to get ahead of the pack. Innovation is now taking place at business model level. If your business model hasn't been innovated in the last 3 years chances are that it may be out of date, and you may be missing out on increased value by doing things the way you've always done them. Catch our Business Model Innovation Masterclass and we'll workshop you through a complete business model innovation session.

Keeping management focused on the strategy of the business, while maintaining a watch on the critical
success checkpoints is vital for your start up. Neglect of early warning signals could see your success
trajectory plummet.

Because of the unique qualities and challenges facing a start-up, its governance board needs the skills and expertise of experienced members. With Domain Associates’ strategy, the mix around your board
can create the necessary balance between diligent management and increasing capacity.

Corporate finance
Development capital
Start-up ventures often need external finance to develop and launch a product, hire expert staff or market a new service. Domain Associates will aid you in assessing your financial requirements, the likely sources and the cost of new finance, including assistance with:

  • raising and structuring bank debt;
  • raising and structuring private equity/venture capital;

Applications for Finance
We are often involved in sourcing debt finance for our clients. In order to secure the finance on reasonable
terms and conditions, we can offer specialist resources brought in for the task, so that your start up business is adequately presented to the financier.

Capital Raising
Our advisors have extensive experience in evaluating the best way to fund your start-up business. We have an extensive network of financiers, business angels, domestic and international venture capital funds that can provide necessary capital.

With Domain Associates advice, your new business will be able to access external finance at the best
terms possible

Strategic financial analysis − start up
When you are starting up a new business, it is vital to keep tabs on all aspects so that opportunities can be seized and problems resolved before any damage is done. Domain Associates’ reporting package, with a useful ‘dashboard’ of key performance indicators, can keep you informed of all aspects of your business activity. A feature of this concise reporting format emphasises ‘early warning indicators’, so that you always have your finger on the pulse of your new venture.

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