At every stage of business growth, capacity must increase to keep that growth sustainable. Domain
Associates transition services develop strategy for the expansion of your business ‘foundation’ or capacity. At all levels of your organisation capacity must increase, and this can be by organic growth or acquisition growth.

Mergers and acquisitions
It is widely quoted that less than 50% of acquisitions deliver the expected benefits to the acquirer. Accordingly, if your business is considering an acquisition strategy, it is important that you obtain expert, impartial advice early on in the process. Domain Associates offer advice to shareholders and businesses looking to grow by acquisition, including assistance with:

  • formulation of an acquisition strategy;
  • target identification;
  • approaching potential targets;
  • negotiating the terms of the acquisition;
  • assisting in preparation of legal documents;
  • facilitating introductions to our networks and contacts.

As members of Merger & Acquisition Professionals, we take a hands-on approach to assist you in sourcing, analysing and negotiating strategic mergers and acquisitions. We also offer clients expertise in performing valuations, undertaking due diligence and offering taxation advice so you know you’ll be getting the best price and a fair deal.

We have considerable experience in conducting business and share valuations and can assist you with:

  • transactions involving the acquisition of businesses;
  • debt and equity raisings;
  • group restructures;
  • dispute resolution.

Produced in accordance with the proven Economic Value Added methodology, not accounting profit, our
valuation models should be an essential ingredient in your transition decision making.


Due diligence
Due diligence has been described as an investigation to find skeletons in the closet − big negative surprises. Any acquisition target you’re considering must be analysed to ensure it fulfills your overarching strategy. Timing is also a critical component that can cause your new acquisition to erode rather than add to the value of your business.

In addition to the typical investigation, our due diligence service identifies the parts of a business that, when integrated with your business, will continue to add value. With Domain Associates’ expert advice and guidance your business and its new acquisition will fit together and enhance your success.


Corporate finance
Development capital/Cash out
At some point you may consider raising external finance. This could be to fund growth or expansion plans, or to allow shareholders to exit. Domain Associates will assess your financial needs and investigate sources of new finance, including assistance with:

  • Raising and structuring bank debt;
  • Raising and structuring private equity/venture capital;

Applications for Finance
We are often involved in sourcing debt finance for our clients. In order to secure the finance on reasonable
terms and conditions, it is critical that you are adequately presented to the financier. We work with specialist resources to offer you this service under your strategic plan.

Capital Raising
Our advisors have extensive experience in evaluating the most appropriate way to fund a business and our network of financiers, business angels, domestic and international venture capital funds can provide
necessary capital.

Strategic financial analysis - growth

Growing your business beyond its current level can be a complex process. Whether you’re expanding overseas or getting investors in, having a clear understanding of the health of your business is critical. Domain Associates’ reporting packages include a ‘dashboard’ of key indicators so your board and management can make the right growth decisions at the right times. These key indicators are always financial, but can also include non-financial aspects, which examine things like your client base and internal processes.

With your knowledge of your business, our specialised consulting skills can help you to create that important competitive edge, while still allowing your business to grow. The services we provide are focused on:

  • The reduction or elimination of wasteful practices;
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your business;
  • Maximising business capacity;
  • Clarity of direction and communication;
  • Operational Efficiency and Control.

Stock control and costing reviews may form part of the overall systems review, or may be performed
separately. Our reviews are practical and focus on maximising effectiveness, capacity and efficiency. With your business running at its maximum potential, you’ll attract more investors, and receive better financial


Business Model Innovation

In the current economic climate entrepreneurs are looking for innovation to deliver competitive advantage. Innovation is now taking place at business model level - that is "how" you do business. New models are destroying old ways of doing business.


Great ideas can struggle to get off the ground, or fully achieve their potential, if they are confined by an ineffective business model. We'll help innovate the 9 components of your business model, and assimilate the 8 attributes of a good business model, to position you ahead of the pack and optimise your business value.

If you haven't renovated your business model in the last 3 years, chances are that it needs to be brought into the latest generation before your competitors get the jump on you!.

Governance at the growth phase is heavily focused on building capacity within your business.

Often the culture of the board, management or even the team can limit the next phase of your businesses development. This is a stage where a change in board members and/or CEO may be needed. With Domain Associates Transition Services, you will be confident knowing when to act and where change in the mix is required. By keeping the strategy on-point in this way you’ll be steering your business towards greater value in the future.

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